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Bush to Coast Expeditions would like to take you on a journey through the hidden natural wonders of the Gold Coast. You will learn to understand the natural history and biodiversity of the areas in which you will hike and kayak. You will learn about the importance of the biodiversity in the area, and what we can easily do to protect it. Bush to Coast Expeditions’ tours are in a league of their own. You will leave these tours with a whole new understanding and respect for the natural environment around you, and with an unforgettable experience that hopefully inspires you to explore more. This is our goal at Bush to Coast Expeditions.


Bush to Coast Expeditions are honored to be Wild Earth Australia ambassadors. Wild Earth are Australia’s leading outdoor adventure store. When it comes to high end equipment for your adventure needs, they have got it covered. For adventures like ours at Bush to Coast we need tough and reliable equipment that can see us through many seasons of guiding from the land to the salt water. Supplying us with great equipment also helps us run our large community Marine Debris Initiative.

So far the Overboard 60L dry bag has been an amazing piece of equipment for our journeys to South Stradbroke Island.


We are so happy to be teamed up with Champion mentors to work with youth with special needs and take them outdoors and explore nature. In nature we can teach new skills and provide confidence, inspiration, challenges and friendship to those in need. this is our passion.

What an awesome weekend of tours, perfect weather, great people and we got to be part of a marriage proposal on our tour.


Big thanks to the crew that came down to help at our last waterway clean-up


All about our amazing Half day adventure tour

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Our latest article about our work Cleaning up our waterways

Not only does bush to coast operate kayaking and hiking tours. We also run community group clean-ups of our local waterways. In this video we had an awesome crew of people from Griffith University to help us out.

Watch this short video to see what our full day tour is all about

A day on the water with Bush to Coast Expeditions

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In our latest video Fabio and Jordie take you for a stroll through their favorite place, South Stradbroke Island to give you a taste of their tours. 

Check out our new blog about Fabio, one of the founders of Bush to Coast Expeditions, and find out why he started this business.

Watch our first video of the Bush to Coast Expeditions South Stradbroke Island Tour

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