Why Fabio loves the Outdoors

by Fabio Valeri-Formosocropped-dsc_18161.jpgEver since I could remember I have been exposed to nature in some of its rawest forms. Much to my dis slicking at the time, my grandfather used to take me on hunting and fishing trips in Tasmania from the age of four years old. My mother was a strong inspiring single mum that had to work her but off to take care of us and let me tell you i never went without. however while she was at work i was generally on these trips with my grandfather. I found it very confronting and scary at that age. I was not a fan and spent many hours crying on these trips. I don’t know how my grandfather tolerated it. I guess he was thinking of my well being more for the long-term. I had no care for the long term at four years old I just wanted to get home and play with my toys. As I grew older, funnily enough I began to love these trips in to the outdoors. It became a big open and wild school for me. Every trip I would learn something new. Ether taught to me by my grandfather or nature its self. I was learning bit by bit how nature worked and how I could actually catch my own food. what a concept. Getting your food from nature and not from the supermarket, who new that was possible. When I was seven years old my mother and I moved to the Gold Coast to begin a new life with my new stepfather. It wasn’t long before I accepted him as my father. We shared a very strong passion for nature.Having only lived in Launceston Tasmania, I had no clue about the sea. luckily my father was a surfer and from then on taught me all he knew. The sea blew my mind to say the least. It started off as a scary place. Its power and unpredictability was confronting. Over time i became more and more comfortable in the ocean. Salt water fishing was a new step to learn and that taught me a lot about the marine environment. Things realy began to change when I started exploring what was under the water. Diving completely changed my world and understanding of nature and how it works. I could not believe that beneath the surface was a completely alien world mostly undiscovered and oh so wild. I was hooked. My life became all about exploring nature in as many forms as possible and to learn from it all that I could. at the age of 16 i began rock climbing as well so that i could experience the rawness of the mountains. i wanted to be an all rounder. rock climbing did wonders for my self confidence and allowed me to experiment more with fear. Exploration is what my life is about and I have now come to realize how important it is to teach about nature and how we can protect it. now more than ever we need to come together and try to re fit the pieces that we have misplaced over time to insure that future generations have the opportunity to experience nature in all its glory. It is this reason why my life goal has become to start a business that not only takes people on amazing adventures but teaches people about the importance of the environment and how to protect and respect it.

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