About Jordan Harris


Hello, my name is Jordan Harris, part owner of Bush To Coast Expeditions. I’ll give you a little bit about my background and how B.T.C came to life! I was lucky enough to grow up on the water so I was instantly drawn to the water, whether it was hunting for bait to go fishing with my family or friends, on the kayak, down at the beach, or just walking around the mangroves. So the older I got, the further I wanted to explore and chase that next adventure!

While growing up, unfortunately my mother fell very ill and I was finding things very difficult so I was enrolled in a program called “Young Carers” where it is basically a camp for kids that have caring responsibilities for someone in their family and its a place for them to meet other kids that are going through the same things and lets them just kick back and be a kid for a day, it is there where I was then lucky enough to be introduced to a couple awesome people that mentored me through the outdoors and indigenous culture to give me a deeper passion, different outlook and and amazing respect for indigenous culture, the country we live in and the places we get to experience.

Through out the young carers camps, I was lucky enough to have many great experiences such as sailing from brisbane to bundaberg on the Young Endevour, a 10 day bush walk through the Carnarvin Gorge, camping trips out west to Brewarrina, the list could go on and on, and when the funding had stopped for the camps, I volunteered as a leader to give back as I got so much out fo it.


When the funding for the camps had stopped, I was still in contact with my mentors which were like family now and I started volunteering as a tour guide on their camps at South Stradebroke Island sharing indigenous culture. After a few years of volunteering, I was hired as an indigenous tour guide on south stradbroke and mentor for a further 4 years. I also have a huge passion for youth work, so I then worked for a youth camp for 3 years which was all outdoor based, then hired as a kayak tour guide at a adventure centre on the gold coast. Over this time I studied and got my Cert3 in indigenous tourism, cert 3 in outdoor and recreation (kayaking, hiking, rock climbing / abseiling) , flat water canoe guide certificate. Over this time I have had a dream to share with people what is out there to experience, not only show people what is out there but to teach people about it, give people a better understanding and deeper appreciation and respect for what the outdoors has to offer people. While working, I was then lucky enough to meet Fabio Valeri – Formoso who shared the same dream as I. So from there we kept speaking about it and thought it would be crazy if we dont make this dream come reality! We are both so passionate about this adventure and we can’t wait to see you on tour!

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