Cleaning up our waterways


Both Jordan and I are very passionate about our local environment as it has given us both such great experiences and taught us alot about ourselves. Nature was our classroom growing up. Our aim with Bush to Coast Expeditions is to take people on educational adventures into the natural world of the Gold Coast. We also want to use our business to protect our natural environment.

Along with helping some local biologists with their marine research, we decided long ago that we would run regular community waterway clean ups around our local area. We aim to grow a community of caring and environmentally conscious locals that regularly get together to collect rubbish from our waterways. We record valuable data to show how much of each specific waste item we are collecting to contribute to further research. With more research we will have a greater understanding of the way that marine debris travels through waterways and in the ocean. It will also give us a better understanding of what waste items are being used and abused in higher numbers.

So far we have collected over 650kg of rubbish from Tallebudgera and Currumbin Creeks, over the past year and a half. This is a shocking fact considering Tallebudgera Creek was voted as Australia’s best swimming spot in 2019. There is no doubt that on the Gold Coast we have some stunning waterways. Driving on the Gold Coast Highway bridge over Tallebudgera Creek, on a high tide, the creek looks like a sub tropical oasis’ with crystal clear blue water and a view of the magnificent peaks of the Cougals and Springbrook National Park. However there is one essential native tree growing on the riverbanks that does a very good job of trapping  and hiding the rubbish’ the humble Mangrove.

Mangroves are a vital element to a healthy waterway in any tropical or sub tropical environment, such as the Gold Coast. They have a complex intertwined external route system that is submerged on high tide. These route systems provide shelter for juvenile marine life to thrive.  It is however’ this very route system that acts as a large net, capturing the majority of marine debris in the river or creek. It also hides the rubbish very well giving the river a pristine rubbish free appearance from afar. However if you are to walk into the mangroves you’ll be sure to find large quantities of marine debris. It has come from near and far to find itself hung up in the mangroves or entangled around wildlife.  The worst thing is that this rubbish comes from all of us. If you buy plastic you contribute to the overall amount of marine debris in our oceans and waterways.

There is however, a way to do your bit. Its not only Bush to Coast running these local community clean ups. There are a large numbers of similar organizations that also get groups of people together to help clean our waterways and collect valuable data about marine debris. On the Gold Coast we have some great organizations that you can follow or take part in this impotent community initiative. The following are some other local organizations to check out.

  • Positive change for marine life @positivechangeformarinelife
  • Plastic Free Gold Coast @plasticfreegoldcoast
  • Surfrider Foundation Australia @surfrideraus
  • Clean Coast Collective @cleancoastcollective
  • Reef Check Australia @reefcheckaustralia

If you enjoy the natural environment that we are all so lucky to have on the Gold Coast. If you care about the health of our coastlines, reefs, rivers, creeks and rain forests. There are ways you can help keep it clean for our future. Come on down and join Bush to Coats Expeditions, or one of the other great organizations and do your part in acting locally for global change.




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